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Looking for Gluten Free Recipes?

Kim's Recipes has been going gluten free (gf) since May, 2013. We are still in the process of modifying the recipes that were posted on this site before that date to be adaptable to a gf diet. (Many of these recipes did not start out as my own creations and I have credited the author in those cases. Once I have modified a recipe to the point that it is no longer recognizable as the original, I remove the former author's name to avoid misrepresentation; however, if I simply changed pasta or flour to gf pasta or gf flour, I kept the original author's name.)

While we strive to make every recipe gf, there will be some recipes that we will maintain in their original state, as they are either cherished family recipes or contain ingredients that our own family finds safe to ingest, though others may not. If you come across a recipe that is not gf, we suggest that you substitute the ingredients you don't want with gf alternatives; we have a substitution chart below.

Gluten Free Subtitutions
Original Ingredient Substitute Ingredient
All Purpose Flour All Purpose Gluten Free Flour
Bread Crumbs Store bought GF bread or GF oatmeal, run through food processor;
crushed potato chips, or rice or corn cereals in some applications
Oatmeal Certified GF oatmeal
Flour Tortillas Corn Tortillas (with no added wheat ingredients); GF tortillas
Crackers Store bought or homemade GF crackers
Pretzels Store bought GF pretzels


Kim's Gluten Free Story

In May of 2013, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I have lived a lifetime of illness and discomfort, but in 2012, it seemed as though my body and mind were falling apart. I was the heaviest I had ever been despite eating a strict, low-calorie diet. My knees and hips were so stiff I could barely stand up, and stairs were a terrible challenge. My memory was getting weaker and I simply had no energy. Gradually, I even began to lose the use of my hands as my joints stiffened and movement was painful. It was in April of 2013 that my daughter suggested that I stop eating gluten; she had eliminated it from her diet and started seeing improvement with her digestion. I was in disbelief: how could wheat, the staff of life, be harmful? But in desperation and after much cajoling, I decided it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

Not only did it not hurt, but within only a few days I began to feel improvement within my body. After I got into the habit of eating gf without any mistakes - it took me several months to figure it all out - bit by bit I started to feel like my old self again. The first symptom to recede was the joint stiffness and pain. But my weight still bothered me as I didn't see any improvement. So through lots of research, I found that a common problem in people who shared similar symptoms was inflammation. And when my doctor diagnosed me with Celiac Disease in May, 2013, it started to all make sense: my body was practically screaming to me that it was inflamed and needed to be soothed.

On doctor's advice, I went on a strict elimination diet. For 5 days I ate only very bland foods with little fiber, no sugar, no caffeine, and almost no fat. I found that dairy foods and foods that are high in "fodmaps offsite" typically made my symptoms flare up or get worse. I have settled on a comfortable diet that works for me, and I've even started to lose weight without watching calories and my brain fog has been getting consistently better. That is why I dedicate my time to writing recipes that avoid the foods that cause me inflammation.

It is so important to note that through my research, I found that there is simply no diet solution that is "one size fits all." Every body's genetics are different, and so each body will react differently to different foods. So when I sing the praises of being gluten free, dairy free, and high fodmap free, what I'm really praising is being inflammation free. And therefore I urge anyone reading my story who identifies with it to try an elimination diet. I hope that my recipes can help guide you through your process, and I hope that you find a diet that truly makes you feel wonderful.

Warm Wishes,